Ring Training & Puppy Socializing

This held every Sunday in Ireland there are several training classes held, some of which we list here below;

Magheramourne Boating Club found in Magheramourne Village on the coast route to Larne. Set in a private and secluded surround with the GSDCNI having the full use of a well maintained grass area to train on, and also the full use of the club house where after one can have cool relaxing drinking before heading on their way.
Ulster GSD Club
Club Grounds at Craigantlet hills, this venue has been acquired y the club to train and have set in it own grounds giving a pleasant and spacious area to train with a club house also where tea and coffee is served for the members and kenneling provided for those who have several dogs to train.
Drogheda/ Boyne Training Club
This held in the area of an industrial site which lends it self to a spacious area to train and gather for training, where I found when last visited a friendly helpful group of exhibitors here help each other train their dogs.
GSA OG Craigantlet
OG Craigantlet is a new but enthusiastic club, which prides itself on a fun and friendly atmosphere.  Most of its members have extensive backgrounds in UK Working Trials with German Shepherds and the Secretary has started to compete in the lower levels of Schutzhund.  OG Craigantlet provides a fully equipped training field, with 6 permanent hides for searches, agility equipment, fun training equipment, working trials equipment, a Club house and toilet facilities.
Each year the club also assists two local Councils with their activities within the sphere of 'responsible ownership for dogs', 'Good Citizen Schemes'. We run training classes and fun events and have been doing this for some years now.
The club’s mission is to promote and encourage the sport, as determined by the SV and WUSV, of working dogs, encompassing tracking, obedience, agility and protection work. To foster the skill of dog handling and training in competitive contests and to ensure a greater understanding of canine matters especially as pertaining to the German Shepherd Dog.
The club meets on Sundays between 1-3pm at the training grounds at Craigantlet, between Holywood and Stormont, 5 minutes from Belfast City Airport. In the summer months evening sessions are arranged. Various seminars and training meetings may be arranged at other times during the year.
A weekly subscription of £3.00 is levied on all members attending sessions for the purpose of training their dogs. This fee is charged whether there is a trainer present or not - the fee is for the use of the club grounds at any time during any one week. There is a 50p charge for members without dogs. The fee is not payable if members are not using the grounds.
GSA OG Templepatrick
OG Templepatrick meets twice weekly at purpose built facilities with top notch training and equipment in the heart of County Antrim.
The club is also delighted to announce it is to host the National Trials in Autumn 2009.
Expert trainers give advice and guidance on agility, obedience, protection or search and rescue and help guide members towards their individual goals.
"As President of OG Templepatrick, I am very pleased that our club is now affiliated to GSA Ireland," says club President, Gayle Boyce.
"Despite being a relatively new club, we have a strong and committed membership of trainers, handlers and dogs of all ages and levels of experience, ranging from six-month old puppies to Schutzhund III adults. The club welcomes dogs of varying abilities and encourages the handler to follow the instinct of their animal whether that is via agility, obedience, protection or search and rescue training. This can then be developed further and the focus changed when needed. We are also very appreciative of our excellent social framework supported by family members and our youth team coordinated by the youth development officer.
"This partnership with GSA Ireland will bring benefits for all our members by giving each a goal to aim for at each stage of their dog’s development.
"We will continue to learn from each other as an organisation and will continue to look forward to the future development of the German Shepherd dog in Ireland.
"We are also very pleased to announce that OG Templepatrick will be hosting the National Trials at our club grounds in Muckamore, County Antrim this autumn and we would welcome all dog sports enthusiasts to visit and see the dogs showing off their working abilities in tracking, obedience and protection."
"On behalf of GSA Ireland it is my honour to welcome OG Templepatrick to the ranks of the GSA," says Fintan Lalor, president of GSA Ireland.
"The expertise and experience of the OG Templepatrick members combined with their magnificent training facilities will enrich the GSD now and for many generations to come and at the same time raise the bar in all aspects of dog sport.
"By embracing the International System of the WUSV OG Templepatrick will, I confidently predict, be challenging for major honours in many European Siegers and national and international Schutzhund Trials.
"Once more I welcome and wish the group every success and happy training."
Club training times: Sundays 11am to 3pm and Tuesdays 6.30pm to 8pm
GSA OG High Park
GSA OG Dunboyne
OG Dunboyne is located just minutes from Dunboyne village and only ten mins drive from the Blanchardstown exit on the M50.
We offer excellent training facilities and cater for all aspects of Dog Sport, be it pet or competition obedience , agility, tracking and Show Ringcraft, all with the assistance of experienced and qualified trainers. We offer the opportunity for working your dog from BH level to SchHutzhund.
 We have an excellent training field and equipment including agility equipment and hides for searching. We have safe parking and a modern clubhouse with a friendly and helpful atmosphere .
 New members always welcome with puppies and young dogs as we provide a puppy socialisation and basic obedience class also.
 Our Club training times are: Wednesday evenings: 6pm-9pm & Saturdays: 12pm-4pm
GSA OG Corrib
Catering for all dog interest in the Galway City and District region
GSA OG Thomond
Our club training grounds are easily accessed just off the Limerick/Ennis motorway just outside of the village of Clarecastle.
We provide training for all the performance disciplines and concentrate primarily on Schutzhund trial competition dogs. We also provide ongoing instructor tuition for tracking obedience and helper work. New members with puppies and young dogs are always welcome.
GSA OG Duhallow
An active progressive training club, catering for all competitive dog sport disciplines, located off the Mallow to Killarney road just north of Millstreet.
Training Director: Tommy Murphy, World & International Championships competitor.
GSA Ortsgruppe Duhallow offers advice, training and tuition for the following performance dog sport trials and tests – Schutzhund/VPG/IPO Degrees 1-3. Advanced Tracking Degrees FH1 & FH2. Utility Dog Degree 1-3. Obedience Dog Degree 1-3. Tracker Dog Degree 1-3. Companion Dog Degree (BH).Search & Rescue Dog Degree 1. And associated Agility Tests.
Out training grounds comprises of a two acre (full competition trial size) level sports field which makes all kinds of training safe and enjoyable. The full compliment of first class regulation training equipment necessary for Schutzhund search blinds, jumps and A-frame scaling wall,  plus the additional agility constructions make up the lot. We also have the added attraction of a new comfortable clubhouse where members and visitors can relax after training and enjoy a hot beverage. Safe off road parking is also a feature of our facilities.
We hold regular training classes for new members on Monday and Thursday evenings between 7.30 and 9.30pm.
Members preparing for competitions travel to other clubs at the week-ends in order to vary the routines and to develop coping skills in their dogs. This option to travel is available to all our members who wish to avail of it. Other training schedules are by arrangement. Details will be posted in the club house on a monthly basis.
Members are requested to abide by the posted times and keep to the schedule.
OG Duhallow requires all members to be fully paid up members of the GSA with active membership status. The group also requires members to pay a regular training fee towards the upkeep of the facilities and equipment purchases

These provide on a weekly base some one with expert knowledge  on ring training and puppy training, more over it somewhere to go with your German Shepherd, and meet others with like minded attitude in the love of the German Shepherd. It also gives the opportunity to talk to someone who can advise on that area you where unsure off with your German Shepherd.