Show Name: Banbridge Canine Club
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Show Results  
Breed Results
  Breed Judge: Mr. R. Darcey
Award Dog
Green Star Dog CH. KNOCKWOOD CASH (Mr A Niblock)
Res Green Star Dog BUNDABERG FIDELL (Mr A Niblock)
Green Star Bitch KNOCKWOOD MILEY (Mr A Niblock)
Res Green Star Bitch KNOCKWOOD DELTA (Mr A Niblock)
Best Of Breed KNOCKWOOD MILEY (Mr A Niblock)
Reserve Best Of Breed CH. KNOCKWOOD CASH (Mr A Niblock)

Class Results
Class Placing Dog
Junior Dog 1 BUNDABERG FIDELL (Mr A Niblock)
Champion Dog 1 CH. KNOCKWOOD CASH (Mr A Niblock)
Champion Dog 2 CHAMPION ANGUS VON TENDYK (Mr Derek Stapleton)
Champion Dog 3 CHAMPION MONEYREAGH ENZO JOINT AN CH 2007 (Mr D Mrs G Spence)
Puppy Bitch 1 VOMKUSTE ODIE (Mr S Anderson)
Puppy Bitch 2 AIDEEN BABY KODA (Mr Brendan Fitzpatrick)
Intermediate Bitch 1 KNOCKWOOD DELTA (Mr A Niblock)
Open Bitch 1 KNOCKWOOD MILEY (Mr A Niblock)
Open Bitch 2 EARLVILL COCO (Mr. R J Doyle)
Open Bitch 3 MARLEYCREST ENYA (Mr Hugh Rooney)
Champion Bitch 1 CHAMPION ADALHARD CIARA (Mr Derek Stapleton)