Show Name: Cork & District All Breed Ch. 2008

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Breed Results
  Breed Judge: Mrs. M. Rostron
Award Dog
Green Star Dog MARLEYCREST BUCK (Alec & Barbara Henry)
Res Green Star Dog FRANK VON CLARCO (D & R Tolan)
Green Star Bitch FORGEFIELD ZOE (Alec & Barbara Henry)
Res Green Star Bitch ARDRA LAURA (Mr W Patterson)
Best Of Breed MARLEYCREST BUCK (Alec & Barbara Henry)
Reserve Best Of Breed FORGEFIELD ZOE (Alec & Barbara Henry)

Class Results
Class Placing Dog
Puppy Dog 1 BADGERSHILL ZABO (Miss A. Dorgan)
Puppy Dog 2 MARLEYCREST URBAN (Mr. D. Kavanagh)
Junior Dog 1 FRANK VON CLARCO (D & R Tolan)
Intermediate Dog 1 MARLEYCREST BOY (Mr. R. & Mrs. M Fitzgerald)
Open Dog 1 MARLEYCREST BUCK (Alec & Barbara Henry)
Open Dog 2 MARLEYCREST PERO (Mr. D. Kavanagh)
Open Dog 3 ARDRA DUX (Mr W Patterson)
Open Dog 4 MILORD ENZO (J.D.) (Dr. G & Mrs. A Fleming.)
Puppy Bitch 1 EARLVILL FIFI (Mr. D. Kavanagh)
Puppy Bitch 2 FRANCHER ELFI (Mr W Patterson)
Junior Bitch 1 ARDRA LAURA (Mr W Patterson)
Junior Bitch 2 MARLEYCREST JULES (Mr. A Byrne)
Intermediate Bitch 1 FORGEFIELD ZOE (Alec & Barbara Henry)
Intermediate Bitch 2 DAGGI VOM CLARCRO (Mr. K. Duggan)
Open Bitch 2 ANTILLI BUFFY (Mr. K., Ms. C., Ms. A. Duggan, Eastwood, Reilly)
Open Bitch 3 WILLOWDALE ZADEE (D & R Tolan)