==========PICKING YOUR PUPPY==========


Even experienced breeders will confide that picking a puppy can often be a difficult task. A litter of pups can change dramatically from week to week leaving the breeder in a quandary as to which one to retain for him or her self. 

However, several important points must be considered when faced with the challenge of choosing your puppy. Invariably one tends to become confused but a little careful study can eliminate those which fail to satisfy your requirements. 

Undoubtedly the temperament of the puppies is by far and away the most important aspect to be considered when making your choice. Because temperament is to degree hereditary endeavor to examine the temperament of not only the dam but also the sire of the litter. They should be friendly, calm and confident when approached and should not show any nervousness or aggression when examined. Do not forget to check on the hip scores of both parents. The puppies should be happy, totally friendly and should run to meet you. Under no circumstances should you purchase a puppy which does not have good temperament, and never accept excuses offered by breeders no matter however attractive a puppy may look to you. 

Apart from temperament, the most obvious points to look for are colour which should at this stage be strong and deeply pigmented, because the black pigment will lighten as the puppy gets older and a healthy strongly developed puppy with good bone is essential. 

Depending upon your choice, the puppy should be clearly exhibiting its sex characteristics, i.e. a dog should look like a dog { be masculine in build and appearance } and like wise with a bitch puppy be feminine and clearly distinguishable from the dog puppies. 

A puppy at this stage should be well proportioned with a firm backline and able to move easily and reasonably soundly taking into consideration is very young age. 

Study the puppies at length. If possible ask somebody sufficiently experienced to help you in your task. Do not take a puppy unless you are totally satisfied with it and remember that you can always wait for another litter. 

Picking a puppy at this stage which does not turn out satisfactorily can be a costly and heartbreaking mistake. Such is the quality of the German shepherd dog that one Quickly becomes attached to their acquisition, and one finds it difficult to part with an unsatisfactory, but nevertheless much loved pet.