A young puppy in your home requires his own bed, it may be a property constructed one or just bedding in a corner away from draughts and the normal household activity. He will require plenty of rest and will know himself when to sleep and for how long between his burst of youthful activity. A puppy should be able to chose his own periods and duration of exercise and play, remember that an older in the house can cause play periods to be prolonged beyond a youngsters healthy capabilities. 

House training should be easy although some attention and patience is required and it should be recognized that some accidents will occur. As a puppy’s toilet requirements are mainly associated with rest and food he should be taken out to perform immediately after sleeping or eating. Young puppies cannot be expected to remain clean throughout the night but given the opportunity late in the evening then again early in the morning will help to shorten this accident prone period. 

Accustom your puppy to traveling from as early an age as possible. Many puppies have a tendency to car sickness and some will continue to be affected throughout their lives if they are not given the opportunity to become familiar with the experience of traveling in a motor car.

 Get your puppy accustomed to a collar after he had a few days to settle into his new home  then introduce him to his lead a few days later. The full metal link choke chain can spoil a puppy’s ruff and it is preferable to use the nylon and chain type of collar. A leather or nylon type of lead is preferable to the chain type which can be rather uncomfortable for the handler to hold. The best way to introduce the lead is to clip it on to his collar and let him run about the house or garden for a few minutes at a time with it trailing behind him. Always finish by calling the puppy to take the lead off.

 The foundation of a well behaved dog is based on your ability to gain his undivided attention when you call his name, then maintaining that attention until he has done what was asked of him. It is most important that he comes back to you when called and training for a happy and responsive recall is a necessity. All young puppies get up to mischief and although they must learn the meaning of the word NO, most destructive situations can be avoided by the availability of his own toys and inaccessibility of your personal belongings.