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12/10/09 PUP
My girlfriend's German Shepherd just died after 13 year so I'm looking into getting her another one.
Unfortunately it won't be until around Christmas as we need to give it some time as she was quite attached to her old Shepherd. Just wondering if you might have any litter due around the end of December or where would I start my search?
Her old Shepherd was very well bred so I want to get the best possible breed I can so I saw your ad and you seem to be in the know. We're living in Dublin but we have plenty of private land with acres to run around etc and we already have a 10 yr old St Bernard and a 2 yr old golden lab.
Thank you!
  Email: Gerry Cleary


Long Haired

I am looking for a young long haired GSD, will accept a puppy up to age of 3 - 4 Months living with children and wanting a pup to bring up with the household, and within our way of life. Good home well cared for and loved.  
Eliz McCarley
Tel: 07838136094



Male Pup


After the passing of our own German Shepherd I was wondering when this litter would be due for homing as we are on the lookout for a Black And Tan male pup. If you could let me know I would really appreciate it.