In my opinion the Kennel Club have adopted a strategy  which 'plays' on the concerns and fears of GSD Breed Club committees, members, exhibitors and even those who are solely dedicated to obedience and other working sports with their dogs.

I am appalled by the psychological games they are playing on our GSD breed fraternity. It is nothing short of despicable. When pertinent enquiries are made, born out of genuine concern and fear, the Kennel Club appear to routinely reply along the following lines "the general committee have not discussed this matter", when they KNOW the Kennel Club are NOT empowered to do any or many of the 'matters that are causing concern' which are the subject of the enquiries.

Is there any depth the Kennel Club will NOT sink to, to persuade GSD Clubs sign their UNDERTAKING?




I am getting very annoyed with reports I am receiving with regards to the Kennel Club "UNDERTAKING" for GSD breed Clubs.

There appears to be numerous "rumours" being spread around, which appear to originate from people involved within GSD, with a clear personal agenda, or from people who are simply ignorant of the truth.

The rumours they are spreading are obviously by word of mouth. They would never dare to put there comments or  assertions in writing, because that would get them into trouble with the organisations they make reference to with their false allegations. Organisations which include the Kennel Club, The WUSV and SV and the GSD Breed Clubs they malign.

The rumours are, putting it very simply, "ignorant nonsense". They are formulated to raise concerns and fears into the hearts and minds of many people who serve on GSD Breed club committees and also GSD breed club members, GSD exhibitors, GSD breeders and even GSD owners. The rumours cite many false consequences if breed Clubs REFUSE TO SIGN THE KENNEL CLUB "UNDERTAKING"

I put my assertions in writing. The "rumourmongers" may respond in writing!

1) The Kennel Club cannot remove the KC license from a GSD breed Club for simply refusing to sign their "undertaking"

2) The Kennel Club cannot penalise any person or any GSD in any way whatsoever, just because any or all GSD breed clubs do not sign their "undertaking".

3) The Kennel Club cannot discipline any person for judging a Regional Event (WUSV)

4) The Kennel Club cannot ban any GSD from being exhibited at a KC licensed show, just because it has been exhibited at a Regional Event (WUSV) or any other GSD Event (WUSV)

5) The Kennel Club cannot refuse to register any GSD litters, or fulfil all other KC registration functions, - just because any or all GSD clubs refuse to sign the KC "undertaking".

6) The Kennel Club CAN only refuse to allocate their Breed CC's to any GSD breed Club that does not sign their "undertaking".

7) The comment being made that GSD Events (WUSV) held in the United Kingdom by a WUSV member Club, or hosted by any other GSD Breed Clubs, requires the permission of the Kennel Club, and that this is, or may be, a WUSV rule. is "IGNORANT NONSENSE"