an explanation

KC profiling scheme
No compulsory requirement to DNA, and you simply have any individual pedigree dog you sample DNA profiled. It is NOT compared with any other profile on record. NOT even its parents.

Of course an INDIVIDUAL can send in the sample of the dog, and both parents (if possible) and pay for DNA profiling for each, AND confirmation or otherwise as to whether the parents are the correct parents.

DNA Parentage Scheme
A data base is maintained, by storage of ALL DNA profiling Tests done by the laboratory, let’s say AHT.
To use the system all participants automatically agree on paperwork submission and signature, that their DNA sample will be used in a publicised system and for Parentage analysis.

So when a sample of a dog is sent in it is profiled, and checks are done to see if its parents have already been profiled. If they have not, or one or the other has not, its DNA Profile is registered as "stored" or "registered". If and when both parents are DNA profiled, a check is done to see if they are the correct parents, if they are, then the dog is registered as DNA "proven". If the parents are incorrect then appropriate steps are taken (this is what I believe is making the Kennel Club very nervous), for example WHAT WILL IT EXPOSE, and WHO WILL IT EXPOSE. The Kennel Club may have its National & International reputation 'tarnished' by the "failure rate".

I also consider it is essential for dogs to be 'micro-chipped' prior to taking their DNA sample.

David Payne