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I can categorically state the GSD breed has been tackling unsoundness of the hocks for many decades. This problem can NEVER be eliminated, it needs controlling in a similar way hip dysplasia and other diseases cannot be eliminated but need controlling.  

The GSD breed do NOT need lectures, threats, or intimidation from the Kennel Club on the subject of unsound hocks or any other health screening issues, The Kennel Club can be taught a huge amount on these issues by the GSD fraternity.  

The National GSD Breed Warden, Reinhardt Meyer, of the SV in Germany, addressed a meeting of ALL GSD Breed Judges within Germany in January 2009 and told them that unsoundness of the hocks (and GSD size) must be more strenuously dealt with and ALL Judges must penalise dogs so affected, by degree, and place them “down the line” at shows. This “instruction” has resonated around the GSD world. 

The GSD world community, of which ‘we’ in the UK are very active members, do NOT need supposedly canine X-purts from the Kennel Club to bully our breed into submission on ANY health issue. Our record is second to none. Can anyone imagine the GSD breed, which introduced the BVA/KC hip scheme into the United Kingdom, needing any lessons on health or apparent health issue related to the German Shepherd Dog? Not on your Nelly! This is not an arrogant assertion, simply a factual one, which I will illustrate further on. If you have any remaining doubts, read the following article on my “VIDEX GSD” website: GSD-KC-THE REALITY. 

The Kennel Club continue to attempt to distract from the most serious HEALTH concerns of GSD and all Pedigree Dogs, which are proven HEREDITARY DISEASES, for which there are “health screening” available, mainly through the British Veterinary Association (BVA). 

The Kennel Club much prefer to continue with their all too obvious “smokescreen” approach to hereditary health issues. The KC requirement to X-ray hips under the KC “accredited breeder’s scheme” is considered throughout the canine World to be a very bad JOKE. Where else in the world would any canine organisation introduce a “requirement” to x-ray the hips of pedigree dogs and NOT have a LIMIT on the score for breeding suitability, or would NOT “define suitable breeding stock”, conversely “unsuitable breeding stock”.  

The Kennel Club are failing our GSD breed and pedigree dogs here in the UK on failing to use health screening to determine suitability for breeding and unsuitability for breeding. 

Unsound hocks have NO known health related diseases. They may, in the extreme, cause premature tiredness in a working dog, and as such it needs to be addressed, but unsound hocks are hardly in the same league of health issues as Hip Dysplasia, Elbow Dysplasia, Haemophilia, Juvenile Renal Dysplasia etc etc ALL of which have scientific health screening available.  

It is abundantly clear to any clear thinking person that the Kennel Club’s policies and practices on meaningful health screening are fundamentally flawed, their KC accredited breeder’s scheme, on health screening is fundamentally flawed. 

As for the Kennel Club stating that the GSD Partnership (GSDP) proposed “Planned Improvement Programme” (PIP) did not address the issue of soundness in the hocks, this is a complete KOP OUT by the Kennel Club. The GSDP could very ‘easily’ have included it, and the Kennel Club know this and they could have ASKED for it to be included, they did not.  

The Kennel Club simply failed to enter into “meaningful” discussions with the GSDP, something many other breeds have no doubt experienced. 

The Kennel Club are deceiving you into thinking that “unsoundness” is the sole or main issue in their KC “undertaking”, which they are asking GSD Breed Clubs to sign. You may read the FULL KC undertaking in the article on my VIDEX GSD website: GSD – KC – THE REALITY. 

The Kennel Club are also FAILING to satisfactorily answer many very genuine concerns that have arose from their KC “undertaking” – apparently preferring GSD Clubs to sign under duress. Severe duress, brought about by the Kennel Club deliberately failing to answer issues of serious concern. Again illustrated in another article on my VIDEX GSD website “CHALLENGE TO THE KENNEL CLUB”  

I have over 30 year of considerable knowledge and experience in the GSD breed. I am a Championship Show Judge, I have judged our GSD breed throughout the World, and wrote many world renowned articles on GSD. I have bred and owned some of the best GSD in the UK and probably the World, including the top winning GSD here in the UK 2007 & 2008. I am 64 years old and passed being fooled by the Kennel Club X-purts or anyone within the pedigree dog community with a “personal agenda” or only interested in personal aggrandisement. I write and say it – as it is.

Tragically the Kennel Club have missed a golden opportunity to meaningfully explore and embrace many exciting proposals and ideas emanating from the GSD community. That is their terrible loss. This will most likely lead to the Kennel Club’s downfall in every area they are involved in, with the exception of REGISTRATIONS. Even registrations will be seriously affected by their obvious failings elsewhere.
Mark my words!

David Payne