Crufts 2010 ruined by Gross Misconduct
The Kennel Club should now sack Caroline Kisko
16th March 2010
The German Shepherd Dog (GSD) breed here in Great Britain has entered the most controversial and crucial period in its history. With the Kennel Club refusing to listen to reason and obviously conducting a public campaign to discredit our noble GSD breed in favour of the totally incorrect Alsatian. The Kennel Club fully co-operated in “Trial by Television” on our GSD Best of Breed at Crufts 2010, causing insult and injury to the dog’s passionate and dedicated owner, as well as the respected and experienced Judge, who incidentally was selected and appointed by the Kennel Club precisely because he is a knowledgeable, experienced and well respected GSD specialist Judge.
Caroline Kisko, the Secretary of the Kennel Club conducted herself in a disgraceful manner in the televised interview with Claire Balding. This interview was so obviously contrived and directed by Caroline Kisko. The programmes producers and Claire Balding should be ashamed that they allowed themselves and their programme to be abused and manipulated in such a way. The Kennel Club should now SACK Caroline Kisko and make a sincere public apology to the owner of the GSD B.O.B. and the GSD Judge. The Kennel Club should also formally notify the More4 television company that they must NEVER play any part in this type of victimisation in the future.
Caroline Kisko should have supported the Crufts GSD Judge and enlightened Claire Balding as to her NOT being the appointed Judge and NOT having any GSD expertise comparable with the GSD Judge, simply telling her she should keep any such opinions to herself. Of course this was never going to happen as it clearly would not fit the Kennel Club’s and Caroline Kisko’s desired script.
By this single act the Kennel Club now appear as “unfit to hold dog shows”. By their unfair and unrelenting campaign against the GSD breed, the Kennel Club illustrate at best grossly irresponsible behaviour and spin, and at worst grotesque xenophobia against the German National Breed’ the German Shepherd Dog.
The time has surely arrived for all pedigree dog breed clubs to start making alternative arrangements to exhibit their dogs, in a similar way that the GSD breed are progressing, arrangements that will EXCLUDE the Kennel Club and their lack of meaningful mandatory health screening.
Surely there is diminishing incentive in trying to hold onto something which is as damaged and outdated as the Kennel Club’s show scene, which is in an obvious state of decay. The Kennel Club have pilloried the GSD breed in an unrelenting manner, completely disregarding and, worse still, disrespecting the very important and fundamental role of the Kennel Club licensed breed clubs, when they deal with any aspect of an individual breed.
Every Kennel Club licensed breed club and every Kennel Club approved Championship Show Judge must now be very seriously concerned about exactly what has happened between the Kennel Club and the GSD breed over recent months, culminating in this abhorrent “Trial by Television” interview conducted by Claire Balding and Caroline Kisko, in total disrespect of the GSD B.O.B. and the GSD Judge.
At this point I would inform readers that the owner of this dog is justifiably distraught. and, although the 'stage-managed' damage has been done, the very least that the Kennel Club, Caroline Kisko and the Television Company should do is to give her a profuse public apology - and Claire Balding should also apologise for allowing herself to be duped into participating in this obviously contrived piece of film.
The victimised GSD B.O.B. at Crufts 2010 has successfully completed all his Health Checks, has excellent Hip and Elbow ratings, has not only completed his Schutzhund title but has also passed a very thorough Breed Survey and a 20km gaiting Endurance Test (AD) which he had no problem in achieving. 
If only ALL Crufts winners could be so well health screened !!! 
Caroline Kisko certainly picked on the wrong dog, and the Kennel Club are victimising the wrong Breed, a breed who are responsible for instigating many of the Health Screenings currently available and for lobbying the Kennel Club (unsuccessfully !) for many years to make these health screenings mandatory.
For our efforts we have been stone-walled by Clarges Street and are now being treated in a disgusting fashion with all the considerable SPIN that the Kennel Club can muster. 
It is surely appropriate and necessary for each and every Kennel Club licensed breed club secretary and Kennel Club approved Championship Show judge, to write to the Kennel Club expressing their disgust with this “Trial by Television”, and demand the sacking of “Kisko” and a profuse public apology to the dog’s owner and the judge.
Judges appointed for any future CRUFTS Show should demand assurances from the Kennel Club that nothing like this will ever be allowed to happen in the again.
I call on the Kennel Club General Committee to grasp these important issues and make the necessary decisions.
David Payne
Videx GSD