APGAW inquiry - Report

I would strongly recommend all breeders and owners of Pedigree Dogs to read this report. It is a far reaching report, very well written, and it will bring about major changes for dog breeding throughout the United Kingdom.

The Kennel Club may now be persuaded to recognise the fundamental flaws of the KC Accredited Breeders Scheme (ABS) and consequently make significant changes to it.

As a direct result of this report, the Kennel Club will face many challenges, and it will certainly have to consider making numerous fundamental changes on how it currently operates in respect of pedigree dogs. The KC is currently unfit for purpose, and in my opinion, is incapable of making itself fit for purpose.

The GSD fraternity have made many requests to the Kennel Club to introduce rules which would substantially improve the Health & Welfare of GSD, with negative responses or no response from the KC.

In November 2008 the GSD fraternity placed a 20 point proposal to improve the health & welfare of the GSD within the UK, the Kennel Club's only response to date was to suspend our GSD CC's for 2012, (note: CC's are awarded at Championship shows, and the winning of 3 cc's by a GSD, makes it a KC Champion) and then demand assurances from our breed in respect of three aesthetic issues regarding the GSD, and outside attraction. The Kennel Club have failed to respond to our 20 point proposal, and show no signs of responding. Such is the diabolical behaviour of the Kennel Club.

Clearly the GSD fraternity is more advanced on Health & Welfare matters than the Kennel Club, and they do not like it, so they are trying to shut us up. THEY HAVE FAILED.

The GSD fraternity are preparing their own plans for health screening to be rightfully placed at the forefront of our breeding programmes, and our show scene. This will mean our GSD breed organising GSD shows under SV/WUSV rules, which are far more advanced in health & welfare criteria,  than the Kennel Club shows.

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