An index figure will be allocated to each sex, also to mixed dog and bitch classes in

each breed. This index figure is arrived at by diving the total number of valid exhibits at  Championship Shows by the number of shows at which Green Stars were offered, during the previous year ending 30th June, in that year.


{ Breed Championship and IKC Show 17th March Excluded }


Where the total number of eligible exhibits actually shown ( in dog, bitch or mixed classes as the case may be ) is equal to the index figure, then five Green Star points will be awarded, for every 20% below the index figure one point will be deducted and for every 20% above the index figure, one point will be added. All Green Star points will be rounded up or down to the nearest whole number. 

No Green Star awarded will have a value less than 1 point or greater than 10 points. 

No breed will be allocated an index figure of less than 5. 

Before a dog can become a Champion it must win a total of not less than 40 ( Forty ) Green Star points including one of the following viz :-

                By winning 4 x 5 points in the breed under four different judges or,

                By winning 2 x5 points and 1 x 10 in the breed under three different judges, or

                By winning 3 x 5 points in the breed and 1 Group under four different judges. 

Dog disqualified for any reason whatsoever cannot be awarded Green Stars. However, the only disqualification’s which can lower the value in the calculation of the index figure are those of disqualification for non-registration and exhibition in the wrong breed. 

From 1982, the mixed figure will be that for dogs plus bitches less 40%. 

It should be noted that the term “ Mixed Classes “ applied only to where ALL the classes for that breed at a show are mixed. Where only some classes are mixed, then the numbers of dogs and bitches are abstracted and added to their respective totals. 

Where two Green Stars are offered in any bred, the award to the best dog or bitch shall entitle the winner to a Green Star, the value of which shall be at least equal to the value of the Green Star award to the best opposite sex. Also a dog winning a Group or best In show will be entitled to a Green Star equal in value to the highest value won by any dog eligible to compete and competing in that Group or Best In Show. 

The title Annual Champion shall be awarded, in each breed to the dog or bitch which has won, in each calendar year, the greatest number of Green Star points, with a minimum of 30 to be won under not less than three different judges. In the case of a tie, then the title joint Annual Champion will be awarded. 

Issued November 1981