Pam Edgington
published on this web page 2nd August 2008

Dear David

This is to confirm my agreement with you to publish the pedigrees of Starkstrom Isoletta - Charity (Tirgram Kibu ex Starkstrom Funny Girl) and her mother Starkstrom Funny Girl - Isa (Ch. Muscava’s Arnie ex Starkstrom Becannie) on your web site for all to see the breeding, copy pedigrees which you already have.  Plus testing dates of course

PEDIGREE of Starkstrom Isoletta (CARRIER)

Tirgram Kibu


Rafaye Guido

VA Cash vom Wildsteiger Land

VA Jack vom Trienzbachtal

Belli v. Wildsteiger Land

Innes v.d. Farweisen

VA Kimon van Dan Alhedy's Hoeve

Anja vom Satyr

Tirgram Nina

Arko vom Huhnegrab

VA Quando vom Arminius

Winni vom Huhnegrab

Henni of Kayard

Neck vom Arminius

Kayards Tinke

Starkstrom Funny Girl


Ch. Muscava's Arnie

Ch. Muscava's Flint

Tramella's Catastrophe

Tramella's O'Patsy

Seravonne's Minuet fromMuscava

Ch. Delridge Erhard

Tramella's Jelander at Seravonne

Starkstrom Becannie

Youkays Putz of Vidbar

 VA Putz vom Arjakjo

Kati vom Haus Zierhut

Starkstrom Alwina

Ch. Tanfield Shaibu

Maybe of Tameford

Both have been tested as Carriers.  I hasten to add that I have always put breeding restrictions on all litters I breed and have done for the past 20 years so there should be no further carriers, bitches being spayed and males being castrated.  I did this to ensure that no progeny bred by me with poor hips be bred from and to control breeding.  I am 100% certain of this fact as I have only been asked a couple of times to lift the KC Endorsement following hip scoring of the 2 bitches, neither were acceptable scores so the endorsements stood.  Therefore there are no offspring from the 2 litters out of Charity other than Starkstrom Jiffi (tested Clear) and only one from the 3 litters ex Funny Girl (namely Isa) in the breeding pool. 

Starkstrom Isoletta: Mated to Ch. Ice (Clear) 4th and 5th  MARCH 2008
Starkstrom Isoletta: JRD/DNA tested 8 JUNE 2008 - Carrier

Starkstrom Funny Girl Tested 2 July 2008 - Carrier

Starkstrom Jiffi Tested 9 June 2008 - Clear

Note: Starkstrom Hot Foot (Lasso vom Fidelius ex Starkstrom Funny Girl) had no breeding restriction as she was and is kept by me with the intention of having a litter from her but due to a very incorrect diagnosis was spayed at the age of 2 y.o. the truth only being revealed when she was 9 y.o. that the Veterinary Consultant made an error in his diagnosis.  A good bitch wasted?

If you want me to have her tested David you have only to say, I suppose only relevant with her sire being your Lasso and your curiosity, but I see no point as she did not produce offspring.

From Starkstrom Isoletta’s 1st letter to Sailent vom Portaner (Clear),  Starkstrom Jiffi has been tested CLEAR.  (The remaining 4 in the litter 1 female spayed and 2 males castrated, the 5th has not come back to me. I would like Starkstrom Jiffi’s test to be made public as Jiffi herself is quite well known and her sire is also CLEAR.

From Charity’s 2nd litter to Ch. Ice (Clear)
5 puppies all tested 15th July 2008

2 tested Clear and 3 Carriers

Starkstrom Klairon (F)  Test no 1150 CLEAR 

Starkstrom Kinsale (M) Test no 1151 CLEAR

Starkstrom Kerala  (F)  Test no 1152 CARRIER

Starkstrom Kolper  (M) Test no 1153 CARRIER

Starkstrom Kissoue (F) Test no 1154 CARRIER

Charity will now be spayed and no further progeny from her will be added to the breeding pool.  Jiffi and Klairon, both CLEAR I reserve judgement for the time being. 

As I have said many times David I am no one really to contend with in the GSD scene other than the passion I have for the breed but if it hits someone like me?  How many others are there out there who thought as I did, “me?  I have nothing to lose” … I wish …..  but then without people like me, totally ignorant of the whole scenario, perhaps this will make other breeders sit up and take note, no matter whether it is a small or large kennel.  I just came unlucky!  But it MUST make people think about it. 

I do wonder however how far one can go to find a stud dog tested clear – apart from yourself of course, and Nikki (Nikonis GSD).  Where are the others? 

I trust this is all the information you require but I’d be grateful if you would confirm.

Take care, regards

Pam Edgington,