Judge Herr Wilfried Scheld with TJ Malone the youngest handler in the show.

This year’s Irish Sieger Show was the sixth and most successful ever breed event held on the island of Ireland. Its increased remit this year included the introduction of the coveted VA title with associated courage tests. These new titles inspired and obviously reached out - right across the whole German Shepherd breed and working spectrum of interests and sport activities – drawing hundreds of exhibitors, supporters and spectators to the capital city Dublin on the beautiful sunny Saturday of March the 31st last.  It was an occasion of unparalleled success and proved to be a truly great celebration of everything that’s best about this wonderful breed of working dog.

The National German Shepherd Working Dog Association - GSA Ireland as the German Shepherd Authority for Ireland put all of its resources and skills behind the event – thus ensuring once again that the Irish Sieger Show provided the best of everything for the exhibitors their dogs and spectators.

Officiating in the Sieger ring was the well respected and popular Herr Wilfried Scheld SV. As one Germanys most senior judges and with responsibility for the Herding Dog programme Herr Scheld brought immense authority and knowledge to the task. This was his first ever visit to Ireland and proved a very rewarding one with exhibitors and spectators highly supportive of his placing’s. His very good command of the English language ensured that he was able to communicate direct and able to perfectly articulate his decisions and critiques. In his dealing with handlers, owners, spectators and show officials the verdict was unanimous – he was the perfect gentleman and interested in every aspect of the occasion. His constructive outlook with regard to the introduction and conduct of the courage tests and his objectivity towards those dogs shown that came from the working bloodlines confirmed the GSA in the conviction that it had once again chosen wisely.  Herr Scheld can therefore be added with confidence to the list of erudite specialists destined to return to judge the Irish Sieger Show in the future.

The show was wholly different this time and under new management. It had ceased to be the responsibility of any particular Ortsgruppe having come directly under the club Executive Councils remit. This change proved to be a wise and rewarding innovation as evidenced by the amount of workers from the various Ortsgruppen around the country who took pride in helping out. Especially noteworthy was the numbers of people from the Schutzhund sport who travelled long distances and admitted to enjoying themselves. The diversity of sport interests that congregated at this Sieger Show demonstrated that more and more people are beginning to realise the importance of the ‘bigger picture’ and ‘plan’ which the GSA formulated and promotes – that is, one great all encompassing club catering for all interests and levels of dog sport.

As expected, it was a Sieger Show with a difference. The anticipation and excitement generated by the long-awaited scheduling of the universal courage tests for the dogs competing for Excellent Select titles created a new buzz that drew unexpected crowds to the testing ring from as early as 6.45 am in the morning. The format for the courage tests was exactly the same as that carried out at the annual SV Sieger Show. The testing took place in the main breed ring, on schedule, and without incident. There were mostly successes – with the few failures clearly attributable to insufficient training. Fintan Lalor (OG Thomond - Clare) and Tommy Murphy (OG Duhallow - Cork) were the appointed licensed helpers who assisted the Judge. Their work was top quality, fair and even, and was praised by Herr Scheld. It is noteworthy that the helpers – have both competed with their own dogs at WUSV World Championships and in Inter-country Championships in recent years.

The introduction of the Universal Courage Tests to the Irish Sieger Show and the significance of this development in terms of bringing the main breed show into alignment with others universally was a truly momentous step, the effect of which will change perceptions and the course of the conformation sport in Ireland for ever. The VA title was incredibly well received and widely endorsed, even by the detractors of everything to do with working dogs. The Excellent Select title that the GSA has made available to Irish dog owners is now an unequivocal and established reality and an truly attainable goal for all who aspire to own quality German Shepherds. The title ‘Irish VA’ is an absolutely authentic, meaningful, and wholly legitimate title that equates with the very highest standards which apply in the motherland of the breed.

In our Capital city, Dublin, in broad daylight GSA Ireland conducted the first ever public courage tests for show dogs, according to and under GSA/SV/WUSV regulations and conditions. The entire event was professionally managed and regulated and also fully insured. The occasion was widely publicised during the previous year – something which ensured that it drew not only the sport enthusiasts by also members of the public in great numbers. The ranks of exhibitors and spectators from all over Ireland and Britain were further boosted with visitors from Germany, Holland, Croatia, Serbia, Poland and Slovakia. The diverse ethnic mix that is the New Ireland was reflected in the audience.  As in the conformation sport our working activities are also drawing increasing interest and support from the new citizens from the European Accession States who have made Ireland their home. In addition we also welcomed members of the Civil Police and other Governmental Forces dog handler units.  The growing interest in the GSA training programmes by Service dog trainers and handlers has no doubt been greatly influenced by the continuous impressive performances of our World Championships teams and the clubs developmental programmes for the breeding of working German Shepherds.

In recent years there has been a false impression given about Schutzhund sport and the civil law in Ireland. The facts and truth about the sport in Ireland are that there is no law which curtails or prohibits any specific part of the Schutzhund/VPG/IPO International programmes.  The Irish Sieger Show has provided further convincing proof of the legitimacy of the sport and in particular protection work.

The GSA has been licensing and conducting Schutzhund/IPO trials ever since 1980. Many of these events have had distinguished top SV and other prominent WUSV Judges officiating. In lots of cases local politicians, members of parliament and even government ministers have attended Schutzhund events as guests and in their official capacities.  At the Irish Sieger Show the GSA succeeded in making a loud statement - not alone about the veracity of what we do and our dog sport but also about the necessity of bringing our programmes and activities into line with those of the motherland of the breed in order to keep alive  and promote the primary working roles upon which our bred so much depends for survival. At the Irish Sieger main breed event everything was done openly, within the laws of the land and the municipality. Our sport and what we do was openly demonstrated for all and sundry – and it passed muster with flying colours.  And so, in one fell swoop on one day in late March 2007 GSA Ireland disproved all the whispered and shouted untruths and distortions which have been uttered about the Schutzhund sport in this country over the years. The well established responsibility and professionalism of the GSA organisation ensured that no laws were infringed or broken and no calamity befell anyone present or involved in the work or show. The success of the courage tests and the introduction of the VA titles can now be added to the long list of accomplishments and gifts which the GSA has given to the German Shepherd following in Ireland, these include – verifiable identification – reliable authenticated pedigrees – age classes – gun tests – working qualifications - and a proud and respected sporting reputation in world wide tournaments.

GSA Ireland will continue to advance in the most advantageous and progressive ways that will benefit the breed and our members best. The agenda for the coming year includes the appointment of Veterinarians to begin the preparation for the introduction of the ‘A’ stamp scheme and the beginning of the Irish Koerung as per that of the SV, presided over by SV Koermeister’s. These plans will be enacted with the help and consent of the SV, President Henke and Director Lux.

The success of the Irish Sieger Show events of the 31st of March last resounded around the world. No sooner was the show over than the net was being bombarded with requests for results and news of how the courage tests had gone-off. The support and congratulations also came by the hundreds from Shepherd dog sport friends everywhere. Many of our previous Sieger shows judges were also congratulatory of this great breakthrough and advancement. Universally, it quickly became apparent what the true status of the dog sport in Ireland really is.

The fact that GSA Ireland established and enacted the Auslese title based on the established (SV) criteria with the all important courage tests means that there can never be a dilution of the standard which has been set. GSA Ireland believes that the Excellent Select title is something special – and that its significance must be protected by the highest requirement standards in order to reflect this greatest accolade for working dogs.

With courage, determination and a strong resolve GSA Ireland has once again succeeded in moving the whole breed developmental programme forward in a most progressive and singular way. The GSA has again kept its promises to its members and the breed in general, and honestly fulfilled another of its commitments to the WUSV strategic breed plan. 

Our worthy Irish Sieger and VA 1 for 2007 is the grey Champ v. Dakota SchH 3. Sire: Rickor V Arlett SchH 3. Dam: Vienchen v. Arlett. SchH 2. Champ proved a most popular choice especially having achieved a hat-trick – with this, his third successive Irish Sieger title. This time however the Sieger title was much sweeter – coming as it did with the enhanced accolade of VA. Champ is owned and trained by Cedric Blackbourne of the famous Karanberg Kennels – as breeder of SV Youth Sieger Quentin Karanberg and the more recent Irok Karanberg he is no stranger to success but still shared in the euphoria of this final title and Auslese rating for a wonderfully deserving dog who has had an illustrious career. The fact that this magnificent representative of our breed - at seven and a half years of age, could be presented in such peak condition and absolutely fit is a great tribute to his owner. Sieger Champ also presented a progeny group in the non competitive parade and had a highly placed son in the excellent four position behind himself. Sieger Champ also completed a successful and convincing courage test handled by Cedric himself.

The vice-Sieger and only other male dog to be accorded a VA title was Fedor v. SteinwayPark SchH 3. Sire: Wasko V Aducht SchH 3. Dam: Wendy V Steinway Park. SchH SchH 1.

Eight male dogs met all the conditions required to establish eligibility for entry into the VA selection section.  Both of the titled VA males are German bred and Irish owned/handled.

The adult male class had an entry of twenty four. Sixteen of these dogs had international or domestic working titles, degrees and other performance programme qualifications. The animals exhibited in this class were of an exceptionally high calibre and presented a very good impression of the breeding, keeping and training of dogs for exhibition in Ireland. The temperaments right throughout the class were irreproachable and all the dogs showed good nerve condition and impartiality to gun-fire.

To mention a special note - the G 1 grey male Vomgalson Indy SchH 1. TD 1. in this class was from the working bloodlines and has had a successful trial career to date. The G1 rating conferred on this dog now allows him to progress to be nominated for the GSA Team selections for the WUSV Schutzhund Championships in future years.

As the females of the breed play such an important role we are happy to acknowledge their performances and achievements also.

Our Siegerin and first ever female to gain an Irish VA title had travelled over from Britain – owned by Alyson Reilly and Carol Eastwood, both of whom have been stalwart supporters of the WUSV system for years. The Siegerin Antilli Xambi SchH 1. Sire: Videx Varus SchH 3. Dam: Vlori v Rhein - Moselring SchH 1. indeed proved a most worthy Champion and a credit to Alyson and Carol, uniquely they are the breeders/owners/trainers.  This bitch and her great achievement is living proof and clear evidence that top class animals can be bred, trained and titled anywhere and that they are every bit capable of challenging the best from the Continent. Lets hope that the message inherent in this great win is learned by lots of other people and that they too will see the fruits of their efforts realised in Sieger Show working classes in the near future.

Six females met all the conditions necessary for entry into the VA selection section.  Noteworthy is the fact that two of the three VA bitches are Irish owned.

Also honoured by their selection to receive VA titles were: Vice SiegerinVA 2. Debbi v. Danischen Hof. SchH 1. Sire: Esko v. Danischen Hof. SchH 3. Dam: Trinity v. Contra. SchH 2. IPO 1. The third female to receive the accolade and VA 3 title was Maxi v. Hutweide SchH 1. Sire: Pancho v.d. Rangauhohe SchH 3. Dam: Dextra v. Hutweide SchH 1.

As has been the tradition right from the inception of the Irish Sieger Show in 2002 - the adult female class was so typical - with its line up of really superior quality bitches.  The entry of twenty four, many of whom had international and domestic working titles, degrees and other programme qualifications, was an honest, impressive representation of the female breeding population. The temperaments throughout were as to be expected -irreproachable and all showed good nerves and impartiality to gun-fire.

Of particular note in this class was the SG 1 grey female Latchets Cleo SchH 2. TD1. She is from the working bloodlines and has had an illustrious trial career – including taking the 2006 National Tracking Champion title with a flawless 100 point performance last November. The SG 1 rating conferred on her ensures her nomination for consideration for inclusion in the selections for the GSA Team going to the WUSV Schutzhund Championships in Bratislava, Slovakia later his year.

An important factor in any event is of course the atmosphere – something always reflected by the palpable mood of those attending. This year the show scored best of all - no doubt because of the fusion of all the interests in attendance. GSA Ireland has always espoused and insisted on good sportsmanship throughout its events and programmes and this time was no different - the behaviour of all was exceptional and brought great credit to everyone involved – proof that its not only in football that the Irish know how to enjoy and conduct themselves.

Finally compliments and congratulations must go to the many GSA staff and helpers who were in evidence in the administration and running of this magnificent sporting occasion. Friendliness, efficiency and helpfulness were the order of the day – and the real winner was the German Shepherd Dog.

Finally, a few words of appreciation and thanks. We are indebted to Arden Grange Dog Food as the main sponsor of The Irish Sieger Show and also sincere thanks must go to the other businesses, kennels and individuals who supported us with advertising, services and monetary contributions. We also must salute the breeders/owners of the dogs exhibited. A list of acknowledgments and thanks appears at the end of this feature.



The setting for the courage tests.



SIEGER & VA 1. EXCELLENT SELECT. Champ v. Dakota SchH 3. Kkl 1. “a” stamp.

MChip No: G05000270. Tattoo: HH5250. D.O.B: 21/11/99. Sire: Rickor V Arlett SchH 3. Dam: Vienchen v. Arlett. SchH 2. Owner: Cedric Blackbourne. Breeder: K. Meure.

Big, expressive, substantial. With very good firmness, very good angulations and powerful gait. He was presented having met all the requirements for the ‘Auslese’ rating and completed a successful courage test. This impressive dog also presented a typical and uniform progeny group prior to the Sieger competition with a typical son also presented in the open class who made an Excellent rating.

VA 2. EXCELLENT SELECT.  Fedor V SteinwayPark SchH 3. Kkl 1. ‘a’ stamp.

MChip No: 276098100451828. D.O.B: 30/7/00. Sire: Wasko V Aducht SchH 3. Dam: Wendy V Steinway Park. SchH SchH 1. Owner: Des Perkins. Breeder: W Bellgarth.

Big, strong, firm dog with good angulations.  He shows a roomy gait with very good hind thrust. He was presented having met all the requirements for the ‘Auslese’ rating and completed a successful courage test.


V 1. EXCELLENT. Gayvilles Nasko.BVA 4/5.

MChip No: Tattoo: HOB2805. D.O.B: 27/11/03. Sire: Benny v d Roten Matter. Dam: Gayvilles Java.  Owner: D + J Hall. Breeder: D + J Hall.

Good type with correct over and underlines. Good chest proportions and angulations. Very good gait.

V 2. EXCELLENT. Zandro v. Naturpark-Altmuhltal SchH.3. Kkl 1. ‘a’ stamp.

MChip No: Tattoo: R-B1774. D.O.B: 20/11/03.Sire: Urban v. Gleisenauer Schloss. Dam: Perle v. Naturpark-Altmuhltal. Owner: S. Worley. Breeder: M. Knorz.

Medium size, with good proportions. Somewhat short croup. Shows a wide roomy stride.

V 3. EXCELLENT. Gayvilles Ronaldo. BVA 8/9.

MChip No: Tattoo: HOB2833. D.O.B: 17/2/04. Sire: Larus v Batu  SchH 3. Dam: Gayvilles Italia SchH 1. Owner: D + J Hall. Breeder: D + J Hall.

Strong, with pronounced withers. good croup and hind quarters Correct front, shows a very good gait.

V 4. EXCELLENT. Boses True Digit. BVA 3/6.

MChip No: 985120019684613. Tattoo: D.O.B: 13/3/05. Sire: Champ v. Dakota SchH 3. Dam: Boses True Rose. Owner: M. Kelly. Breeder: R + D O’Neill.

Srrong, typical, with very good proportions. Good angulations and firmness. Exhibits a strong gait.

V 5. EXCELLENT. Marlecrest Tom Thumb. BH. BVA 3/5.

MChip No: 968000002184. Tattoo: D.O.B: 25/7/04. Sire: Luigi V Polarkreis. SchH 3. Dam: Marleycrest Helen. Owner: C Reilly. Breeder: H Rooney.

Large, good bone, good proportions and good croup. Showa good movements.

V 6. EXCELLENT. Marleycrest Zorro. BVA 2/5.

MChip No: 981000100067148. Tattoo: D.O.B: 16/6/04. Sire: Luigi v.d. Polarkreis. SchH 3.  Dam: Marleycrest Top Class. Owner: H. Rooney. Breeder: H Rooney.

Strong, substantial, narrow going away. Good hind angulations. Very good front reach.

V 7. EXCELLENT. Dingo v.d. Tscheppaschlucht SchH 3. Kkl 1. ‘a’ stamp.

DNA.  MChip No: 276098100626224. Tattoo: D.O.B: 27/12/03. Sire: Urban v. Gleisenauer Schloss.  Dam: Trixi v. Hunnenrain. Owner: P. Fitzpatrick. Breeder: B. Kornprat.

Strong, substantial with good pigment. Good firmness. The croup could be longer. God hind angulations, roomy gait.

V 8. EXCELLENT. Marleycrest Sieraro of Karlsruhe BH. AD. BVA 6/8.

MChip No: 956000000306450. Tattoo: D.O.B: 5/8/04. Sire: Luigi V Polarkreis SchH 3. Dam: Marleycrest Topclass. Owner: Katheryn Brennan Hennigan. Breeder: H Rooney.

Strong, expressive, good angulations and good croup. Good overline. Good front and hindhand angulations. Good movement.

V 9. EXCELLENT. Willowdale Ajax SchH 3. BVA 4/5.

MChip No: 956000000055057. Tattoo: D.O.B: 14/4/04. Sire: Rocky v. Haus Tepferd SchH 3. Dam: Questa v h Boombos. Owner: J Berry. Breeder: J + J Duff.

Strongly pigmented, correct front, and good angulations. Shows good movements.


One of the youth classes in full swing.



SIEGERIN & VA 1. EXCELLENT SELECT. Antilli Xambi SchH 1. Kkl1. ‘a’ stamp.

MChip: 958000000213126. Tattoo: D.O.B: 24/2/04. Sire: Videx Varus SchH 3. Dam: Vlori v Rhein - Moselring SchH 1.  Owner: C Eastwood + A Reilly. Breeder: C Eastwood + A Reilly.

Correctly built with harmonious lines. Very good angulations and straight limbs. Very good room creative gait. She was presented having met all the requirements for the ‘Auslese’ rating and completed a successful courage test.

VA 2. EXCELLENT SELECT. Debbie v. Danischen Hof. SchH 1. Kkl 1. ‘a’ stamp.

MChip No: 276096900253581. Tattoo: D.O.B: 1/3/04. Sire: Esko v. Danischen Hof. SchH 3. Dam: Trinity v. Contra.SchH 2. IPO 1. Owner: P. Thomas. Breeder: A Benzes.

Expressive with very good proportions and angulations. Shows a roomy creative gait. She was presented having met all the requirements for the ‘Auslese’ rating and completed a successful courage test.

VA 3. EXCELLENT SELECT. Maxi v. Hutweide SchH.1 Kkl 1. ‚’a’ stamp.

MChip No: 968000004149334. Tattoo: D.O.B: 20/3/04. Sire: Pancho v.d. Rangauhohe. Dam: Dextra v. Hutweide. Owner: I + S Clarke. Breeder: R T Lucien.

Big, harmonious, with good lines and angulations. Correct front. Shows a ground covering gait. She was presented having met all the requirements for the ‘Auslese’ rating and completed a successful courage test.


V 1. EXCELLENT. Quinta v. SteinwayPark SchH 2. Kkl 1. ‘a’ stamp.

MChip No: 276098100865386. Tattoo: D.O.B: 10/7/04. Sire: Quirin v. Hoch Moor. SchH 3. Dam: Ussi v. Romersteig. SchH 2. Owner: P. Perkins. Breeder: W. Bellgarth.

Expressive, with correct lines. She shows a outreaching gait with free front movement.

V 2. EXCELLENT. Gayvilles Italia SchH 1. Kkl 1 ‘a’ stamp.

BVA 3/3. MChip No: Tattoo: HOB2271. D.O.B: 30/3/00. Sire: Hinnerk v. Kiemoor. Dam: Aika v. Furstenberg. Owner: Mr + Mrs D + J Hall. Breeder: Mr + Mrs D + J Hall.

Strong, feminine with correct lines. Good proportions Good angulations. Must maintain more condition gaiting.

V 3. EXCELLENT. Silverleigh Niamh. BVA 5/7.

MChip No: 985120015157931. Tattoo: D.O.B: 8/9/02. Sire: Nielsen Du Normont. Dam: Silverleigh Gabriela. Owner: Mr + Mrs R Davies. Breeder: Mr + Mrs R Davies.

Feminine, firm throughtout. Very good angulations and roomy gait.

V 4. EXCELLENT. Marleycrest  Abby. BVA 6/4.

MChip No: 985120022348065. Tattoo: D.O.B: 16/6/04. Sire: Luigi v.d. Polarkreis. SchH 3. Dam: Marleycrest Top Class. Owner: H Rooney.  Breeder: H Rooney.

Medium size with very good pigment. Expressive. The upper arm could be longer and the front reach freer. Shows a roomy gait. 

V 5. EXCELLENT. Maja of Ardmac.  BVA 7/4.

MChip No: Tattoo: DOB0453. D.O.B:21/1/05. Sire: Hasso of Ardmac. Dam: Nikonis Crissi. Owner: P McGuire + G Quinn.  Breeder: P McGuire.

Good proportions, good angulations, sloping croup. Shows an outreaching gait.

V 6. EXCELLENT. Hautevolee zur Worringer Rheinaue SchH 1. Kkl 1. ‘a’ stamp.

MChip No: 276097200149140. Tattoo: D.O.B: 13/5/2000. Sire: Rickor v Arlett. SchH 3. Dam: Tic zur Worringer Rheinaue. SchH 1. M + M Gut. Breeder: B Itter.

Large, strong, harmoniously built. Good front and hind angulations. Shows a roomy gait.

V 7. EXCELLENT. Ghana zur Worringer Rheinaue. ‘a’ stamp.

MChip No: 276098510159824. Tattoo: D.O.B: 3/6/03. Sire: Flipp v Arlett. SchH 3. Dam: Quana v Pleystrang. SchH 2. Owner: M + M Gut. Breeder: B Itter.

Over medium size. Showing good lines and angulations. Good movements.


SG 1. VERY GOOD. Silverleigh Estor. BVA 2/2.

MChip No: 956000000192619. Tattoo: D.O.B: 20/4/05. Sire: Esto V Noort.  Dam: Silverleigh Niamh. Owner: Breeder: M & R Davies.

Good proportions, good angulations, correct coming and going. Powerful gait.

SG 2. VERY GOOD. Shotaan Fabius. ‘a’ stamp.

MChip No: Tattoo: LOC2272.  D.O.B: 27/7/05. Sire: Ex v Arline SchH 3. Dam: Sezana v d Kahler Heide. Owner:  M + S Cox. Breeder: M + S Cox.

Strongly built, expressive, correct front, good proportions. Shows a roomy gait with powerful thrust.

SG 3. VERY GOOD. Marleycrest Buck. BVA 5/4.

MChip No: 956000000079072. Tattoo: D.O.B: 28/7/05. Sire: Quino v. Starrenburg. Dam: Marleycrest Linda. Owner: A + B Henry. Breeder: H Rooney.

Medium size with good pigment. Good hind angulations. Shows a roomy gait, the front reach should be freer.


SG 1. VERY GOOD. Earlvill Chick.

MChip No: 956000000355354. Tattoo: D.O.B: 11/8/05. Sire: Fedor v. SteinwayPark SchH 3. Dam: Wenden Habibi. Owner: D. Malone. Breeder: D Malone.

SG 2. VERY GOOD. Sissy v.d. Schanzlache. ‘a’ stamp. 

MChip No: 276098102041174. Tattoo: D.O.B: 31/7/05. Sire: Arro Delori. Dam: Mascha Karanberg.  Owner: P. Fitzpatrick. Breeder: M. Hanf.

SG 3. VERY GOOD. Frea Topolovnicka. ‘a’ stamp.

MChip No: 891013990006341. Tattoo: D.O.B: 2/7/05. Sire: Erasmus v. Noort. SchH 3. Dam: Adria Topolovnicka. Owner: P. Fitzpatrick. Breeder: M. Momcilo.


SG 1. VERY GOOD. Knockwood Cash.

 MChip No: Office reference 3. Tattoo: D.O.B: 25/2/06. Sire: Luigi v.d. Polarkreis. SchH 3. Dam: Knockwood Sheelagh. Owner: K Mills + L Allen.  Breeder: A Niblock.

SG 2. VERY GOOD. Ardra Hero. BVA 5/6. 

MChip No: 956000000549798. Tattoo: D.O.B: 9/10/05. Sire: Luigi v d Polarkreis SchH 3. Dam: Hildesheim Sandra. Owner: B Patterson. Breeder: B Patterson.

SG 3. VERY GOOD. Veneze Basco.

MChip No: Tattoo: FOC1042.  D.O.B: 3/3/06. Sire: Orbit v. Huhnegrab SchH 3. Dam: Ch. Flexy v. Huhnegrab SchH 1. Owner:  J + P Cullen. Breeder: J + P Cullen.


SG 1. VERY GOOD. Veneze Bree.

MChip No: Tattoo: FOC1043.  D.O.B: 3/3/06. Sire: Orbit v. Huhnegrab SchH 3. Dam: Ch. Flexy v. Huhnegrab SchH 1. Owner:  J + P Cullen. Breeder: J + P Cullen.

SG 2. VERY GOOD. Antilli Buffy.

MChip No: 956000000306223. Tattoo: D.O.B: 20/11/05. Sire: Quentin Karanberg SchH 3. Dam: Antilli Tigra SchH 1. Owner: C Eastwood + A Reilly. Breeder: C Eastwood + A Reilly.

SG 3. VERY GOOD. Eira of Kilstock.

MChip No: 981000100057093. Tattoo: D.O.B: 25/12/05. Sire: Fedor v. SteinwayPark SchH 3. Dam: Iris of Ardmac. Owner: H Jones. Breeder: C Stockil.



 MChip No: 956000000611592. Tattoo: D.O.B: 30/4/06.  Sire: Lararth Houdini.  Dam: Hildesheim Sandra. Owner: P. Doyle. Breeder: B. Patterson.

VP 2. VERY PROMISING. Rudesheim Ysko.

 MChip No: 956000000359778. Tattoo: D.O.B: 13/5/06. Sire: Geros V HilligenBorn. Dam: SchH 3. Jilka v Haus Cerba SchH 2. Owner: D Scur. Breeder: D Perkins.

VP 3. VERY PROMISING. Marleycrest Boy.

 MChip No: 981000100072535. Tattoo: D.O.B: 3/6/06. Sire: Luigi v.d. Polarkreis. SchH 3. Dam: Marleycrest Rosie. Owner: R + M Fitzgerald. Breeder: H Rooney.


VP 1. VERY PROMISING. Silkenwood Sabine.

MChip No: 958000001119152. Tattoo: D.O.B: 22/4/06. Sire: Natz Dell’Alto Pino. Dam: Silkenwood Isadora. Owner: H Bibby. Breeder: H Bibby.

VP 2. VERY PROMISING. Alpha from Deerpark.

MChip No: 956000000270071.Tattoo: D.O.B: 26/6/06. Sire: Fedor v Steinway Park. SchH 3.  Dam: Hautevolee zur Worringer Rheinaue. Owner: M + M Gut. Breeder: M + M Gut.

VP 3. VERY PROMISING. Rosebud Kascha.

MChip No:968000004166128.  Tattoo: D.O.B: 13/5/06. Sire: Quanto v.h . Boombos. Dam: Neesa De Brunskille. Owner: M Fitzpatrick. Breeder: K Duggan.


VP 1. VERY PROMISING. Moneyreagh Guido.

MChip No: Tattoo: 958000001049010. D.O.B: 14/8/06. Sire: Marleycrest Zoro.  Dam: Moneyreagh Chrissie. Owner: M. Kenny. Breeder: D + G Spence.

VP 2. VERY PROMISING. Annacarton Flyn.

 MChip No: 956000000658621. Tattoo: D.O.B: 1/9/06. Sire: Esko v, Danischen Hof. SchH 3. Dam: Trinity v. Contra. SchH 2. IPO 1. Owner: P Thomas. Breeder: P. Thomas.

VP 3. VERY PROMISING. Cliffberg Benn.  

MChip No: 0001000821380. Tattoo: D.O.B:23/8/06. Sire: Regensberg Schwartz. Dam: Winona v. Reenroe. Owner: J Fogarty. Breeder: L Buckley.


VP 1. VERY PROMISING. Beta from Deerpark.

 MChip No: 956000000266192. Tattoo: D.O.B: 30/9/06. Sire: Champ v Dakota. SchH 3. Dam: Ghana zur Worringer Rheinaue. Owner: M + M Gut. Breeder: Owner. M + M Gut.

VP 2. VERY PROMISING. Marleycrest Enya.

 MChip No: 968000004141181. Tattoo: D.O.B: 23/7/06. Sire: Dingo v.d. Tcheppaschlucht. SchH 3.  Dam: Marleycrest Top Class. Owner: H Rooney. Breeder: H. Rooney.

VP 3. VERY PROMISING. Boses True Bianca.

MChip No: 981 000000966799. Tattoo: D.O.B: 8/9/06. Sire: Karets Yoker. SchH 3. Dam: Boses true Rose. Owner: O’Neill, Miller + Rennie. Breeder: D O’Neill.


Winners of the Kennel Competition.